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The most effortless and worry-free way to immigrate, this category was set up to attract a select group of immigrants who have business and management backgrounds.


Work in Canada

Work in Canada permitted to all immigrants as well as under the work permit. There is a considerable shortage in the work force in Canada.


Life in Canada

One of the G-8 countries, Canada is a favourite destination for immigrants who wish to find a new home, start a new life, build a career or develop a new business.

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About Canada

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Canada is a rich country with great potential. Many immigrants have chosen Canada as their preferred home. They have brought with them their unique cultural attributes which have added variety to this country. Here, people of different races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds live in peace and harmony.

Freedom and Luxury

One of the G-8 countries, Canada is a favourite destination for immigrants who wish to find a new home, start a new life, build a career or develop a new business in a friendly environment renowned for its political and economic stability. As new Canadian citizens, you can enjoy the freedom and luxury of our lifestyle; great outdoor living, an excellent education system and medical care for the entire family.

Health Care

Immigrants as well as Canadian citizens can join the health care system provided to them at little cost. The Canadian health care system is one of the best in the world. The health care professionals in Canada are among the most highly trained in the world.

Free Assessment Of Your Qualifications

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Provincial Nominee Program

Federal Government of Canada has signed agreements with the Provinces, allowing the Provinces to select and nominate families interested in settling in the province as Permanent Residents.

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Obtaining a Canadian citizenship and passport

Obtaining Canadian Permanent Resident Visa

To be legally relieved from Canadian Departments, CIC, CBSA & related court issues

To assist you work in Canada

To assist you find a job in Canada

To assist you study in Canada

To assist you make a Secure Investment in Canada

To assist you establish a Business in Canada


BACAD Consulting Group

We are dedicated to providing clients with expert advise and quality service in all Canada immigration matters. We understand the workings of visa process, how visa officers assess applications and keep ourselves fully informed of new regulations and policies.

Pre-arrival services

We offer our services to people interested in coming to Canada legally and making their home in Canada, as well as working, doing business, investing and studying in Canada.

After Arrival Services

We provide consultation in the matters of New-comer Settlement, Job opportunities, Business Feasibility Study, Investment analysis, and legal support.

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