Work Permit

  To legally work in Canada before immigrating a work permit is a must.

To obtain a work permit an approved employment position is required.
(some exemptions may apply)


If you work in Canada under the Work Permit, then:

You will be allowed to reside in Canada;

You will be allowed to work in Canada;

You are certainly covered by the Canadian Employment Standards and related benefits;

You may also apply for your eligible family members to accompany you. If so, your dependents will also be allowed to stay and study in Canada as long as your work permit is extended.

You and your dependents may enjoy high-end government funded Medical Insurance coverage and several other social programs;

Worker high shortage governs the Canadian work-permit strategy;

Furthermore, Canadian work experience creates additional points at the time you apply for Canadian Immigration.

Work in Canada under Work Permit:
There is a Considerable shortage in the work force in Canada, particularly in certain occupations.

Work Permit Basic Requirements:

– At least a High School Diploma

– English language skills good enough to handle in-Canada position duties

– Trade course or official apprenticeship certificate in certain profession

– At least 3 years work experience in related field.

If you would like us to assist you to obtain a Canadian work permit you may send us your detailed resume (C.V.) with your request or simply complete and submit this form [click here]. We will communicate with you once we complete the initial assessment of your skills.

Please note that we are not an employment agency, but we are able to place your request with the relevant office to find an employment position if you require one.

Job Demand Recent Hot List:
– Skilled construction workers almost all trades;
– Skilled oil field industry workers, almost all trades;
– IT professional in various positions
– Medical and para-medical professionals.

To succeed in your job finding endeavors, it is highly recommended to keep in mind the following tips and techniques:

What steps should you take
to find a job?

  1. Make a realistic description of:
  2. The job(s) you want;
    b.The job(s) you would accept while looking for something better
  3. Collect all the documents you might need:
  4. Diplomas, degrees, certificates and other qualifications;
    b. Letters of recommendation;
    c. Social Insurance Number (SIN);
    d. Driver’s license (if necessary).
  5. Write a resume of your education, work and volunteer experience skills and qualifications.
  6. Learn about the labour market in your area.
  7. Start and expand a network of people who might be able to direct you toward a job.
  8. Check and follow up on advertisements, want ads and jobs posted in Human Resources Centers of Canada.
  9. Attend interviews.
  10. Phone or write back after interviews.
  11. Look for as many jobs as you can, rather than waiting for a particular job to come up.
  12. Keep your hopes up and look for support as you keep trying. Finding a job is not easy.

What are the rules of behaviour
at a job interview?

1. Be early, never late;

2. Dress as you would for an office, even if the job involves wearing protective clothing or a uniform;

3. Be ready to show your education and training certificates;

4. Talk about your qualifications, experience, and willingness to work;

5. Show that you know about the company, what it is and does;

6. Find out what might be expected of you, and when you will know if you are hired;

7. Thank the interviewer when you leave;

8. Many workplaces do not allow smoking, so wait until later if you want to smoke;

9. Wait until you are asked before talking about your family;

10. Go alone; ask friends and family members to wait outside.

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