Our Services

Some of our services include but not limited to the following below. Our services are also divided into 2 parts: Pre-landing and Post-landing services.

Canada Immigration Specialists

Obtaining a Canadian Passport

To obtain Canadian Citizenship Privileges

To be legally relieved from Canadian Departments, CIC, CBSA & related court issues

Obtaining Canadian Permanent Resident Visa

To assist you make a Secure Investment in Canada

To assist you establish a Business in Canada

To assist you find a job in Canada

To assist you study in Canada

Pre-Landing Services

We offer our services to people interested in coming to Canada legally and making their home in Canada, as well as working, doing business, investing and studying in Canada. Most of the clients will eventually ask for Canadian Permanent Resident Visa. A Permanent Resident Visa allows an immigrant to live in Canada and to seek employment anywhere in Canada.

The Government of Canada has a set of selection criteria which allows immigrants into the country. The laws are complex and they frequently change. Our professional assistance will make the process of your immigration quick, smooth, and simple.


The professional expertise we provide makes the process of obtaining the
Permanent Resident Visa fast and trouble free.

Permanent Residency

The areas of our practice in the immigration field for obtaining permanent resident visa are in the following categories:

  • Skilled Worker (Independent)
  • Self-employed
  • Provincial Nomination (PNP)
  • Entrepreneurial (Business Establishment)
  • Start-up Business
  • Investment  (Federal and Provincial)
  • Investment  (Venture Capital)
  • Family Class/ Sponsorship
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Class
  • In-Canada Class

You only hire us for what you need for your permanent residency case!

In order to ensure that your particular requirements are met, we have divided our services into two packages. You can simply choose the option that suits your requirements and/or your budget best to obtain a permanent resident visa.

Full Service

Full Professional Legal Support from early Consultation to Visa issuance.
We assist you by providing:

  • Qualification Analysis
  • Occupational History examination
  • Case Assessment & Scoring
  • Visa Application & File Arrangement
  • Full Case Preparation and Management
  • Process Expedition by Selecting the Right Post
  • File Submission & Registration with the right Authority/Embassy
  • Monitoring the Processing of the File up to Completion
  • Liaison management and Submission Arrangement for Authorities During Processing
  • Correspondence with the Client, Updating the Client on the Progress & Requirements
  • Interview Preparation – Familiarizing the Client with Proper Way of Presenting the Case at the Interview
  • Prepare a Job Research Package in the Client’s Occupation Field (at the client’s cost) if applicable.
  • Open a Personal Bank Account for the Client in Canadian banks in the absence of the client, Ready to Accept Transferred Funds.
  • Provide The Client with the Choice of Using Our Trust Account for Financial Transactions
  • Forward the Immigrant Visa(s) to the Client’s address worldwide (when applicable).
  • Consult with client for Custom formalities and Landing Process

Partial Service

Qualification Check & File Preparation

In case you feel that you need to have your file professionally prepared (only), but you do not need any further services, we will assist you by providing:

  • Qualification Analysis
  • Occupational History examination
  • Case Assessment & Scoring
  • Visa application preparation
  • Advise you of the required documents & missing information
  • Process Expedition by Selecting the Right Post
  • Forward the completed package to your address or the Embassy for registration


Updating and Monitoring Services

We also accept to provide updating the file and monitoring services. If the client wishes us to represent him or her while the case is in process, we will consult with the client for required upgrading/ updating and monitor the file at the embassy, Immigration and Citizenship Department, or other authorities involved and provide the client with the required legal support, correspondence, communications, and presentations.

Temporary Residency

We are offering our services to our clients who are seeking to come to Canada to visit, work or study before obtaining permanent residency. This may include:

  • Visitor Visa
  • Supervisa (Parent)
  • Work permit
  • Study permit
  • Temporary Permit

Each permit has its own particular administrative criteria in which certain documents are requested.

After Arrival Services

New Comer Orientation Services

We provide consultation in the matters of New-comer Settlement, Job opportunities, Business Feasibility Study, Investment analysis, and legal support. In order to assist our clients have a smooth entrance in the job market, we are associated with employment agencies that specialize in finding jobs in your professions. This however, will be for assistance to you, when your application for permanent resident visa is completed. Our goal has always been to provide a worry-free environment for the client’s immigration projects. We work hard so that you feel at home in Canada and we will utilize our experience and abilities to help you feel safe.

Provide consultation to the newcomers for their needs and settlement requirements, i.e.:

  1. Temporary and extended accommodation
  2. Opening bank account and banking facilities
  3. Applying to obtain PR Card, Medical Insurance Card, Social Insurance Card, Driver’s license, and so on.
  4. Educational and schooling systems
  5. In-Canada income establishment criteria
  6. Consulting on Canadian way of life

In-Canada Legal Support

Professional consultation and legal support to our clients who wish to have peace of mind:

  • Obtain Permanent Resident Card (PR Card)
  • Visa Condition Removal;
  • Citizenship Requests;
  • Passport Requests;
  • Represent you in Canadian Immigration and Citizenship departments, Canadian Boarder Service Agency and related offices;
  • Getting and/or extending Temporary Resident Visas (some limitations apply):
  1. Work Permit
  2. Study Permit (Student Authorization)
  3. Visitor Visa Extension
  4. Status Reinstatement (Restoration)

Employer Services

We regularly receive requests from the employers across Canada who require professional assistance with their LMO/LMIA applications with the Service Canada (ESDC) and the related legal support, which is a part of the the services this office provides. Our services also include immigration services to their current and/or prospective employees to obtain Permanent Residency and/or Work Permit, Employee Legal Status Extension/Reinstatement and the related professional services with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

We also receive daily requests from our prospective clients who wish to receive a Job Offer from an employer in Canada, in order to be able to come and work in Canada under Temporary or Permanent Residence Visas. These applicants are highly educated and well trained skilled workers with good English skills, who may later become an asset to their employer’s business operation.

The above demands/requests enable us to refer proper parties to each other, so that they can start communicating with each other directly for the required employment negotiations in our absence.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not an employment agency and do not provide the related services.

We are also mostly approached by individuals seeking employment in Canada from different countries with occupation skills in various fields, such as:

-IT Professions
-Financial, Administrative, Management
-Engineering, Applied Sciences, industrial
-Health Science, Medical, paramedical
-Education, Social Sciences, Academic
-Cultural, Arts, Sports
-Sales and Services
-Trades , Technicians, Handymen
-Manufacturing, Contractors
-Farming, Forest and Ocean Group

Have you ever considered having a Western Passport

Legal Services for Immigration
to Western Countries

Following our expertise in the Canadian Immigration and due to popular demand, we have extended our services to provide legal support to individuals interested in immigrating to other Western countries as well, including the United States of America and Europe.

Each country designs its regulations based on the country’s political, economical and social requirements. Consequently, the Immigration Regulations follow the same process and vary in accordance with that country’s requirements. The interested applicants will be provided with the relevant information regarding the regulations, acceptance conditions, list of the required documents, the amount of the net worth assets required, processing time and the advantages and disadvantages of their choice in detail, upon request.

Most of the applicants for immigration to Western countries are interested in either Investor, Business or Skilled Worker Categories, which are the common categories.

Statistics show that in the recent years, the rate of interest in the investor Category has increased significantly compared to the other categories.

In response to the frequent questions about the Investor Category, the topics are summarized as follows:

-The amount of the fund to be invested:

  • For European Countries is between 300,000 Euro to 1 million British Pounds
  • For the USA is between US$800,000 to US$1.2 Million (after 2016)

-The method and location of the investment which should be made as prescribed by the related government’s instructions, is:

  • Government Funds
  • Existing Real-estate Projects
  • Under-development Real-estate Projects
  • Tourism Industry Projects
  • Government Approved Projects

Due to the large volume of the information related to this subject, the applicants will be provided with the related information upon request. Should you be interested in obtaining more information, please contact us by phone (1-604) 986-5554, from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am to 500 pm (Vancouver time) or by e-mail: consult@bacad.com

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